Albatross Restoration

The Albatross is a remarkable boat, designed and built by Archie Peace on the Broads in the early 1950’s They were built to aircraft specifications and riveted together, using Bostic sealer. The engine was a 4 cylinder Ford 900cc side value. This was later upgraded to a 1200cc Coventry Climax sports engine.

Below is my 1953 Albatross Sport before restoration and during, plus its second in my ownership. The boat was in fair shape but needed a lot of work, now just tidying up and replacing parts. I plan to make the upgrade the pictures later. Repairs of boats before web, sorry.

Below is an aeroplane being built in my friends garage. As can be seen in the above pictures, my Albatross was built in almost the same way as an aircraft. In fact the only differences are that the Albatross had a few welds, because by then progress had been made in welding. The plane has clips to hold the panels together before the rivets are installed to ensure no mistakes take place. The Albatross would have also used that procedure. Archie and his partner were from aviation and navel military backgrounds and that is how ships were also made, but the rivets were considerably larger in ships and hammered in red hot.