Built by Archie Peace on the Broads in Norfolk. This is a fantastic speed boat and it must have taken considerable ambition to build a luxury item just after WW11. Not only is the boat still beautiful, but it is fast especially with the Coventry Climax engine.

This is a very small part of the history of these great and now very rare boats. For more comprehensive history see our friends at Albatross Marine. Follow the link Albatross Marine:

My 1953 Albatross Sport with Ford 900cc side valve engine (right).

Racing Albatross Z10 on Oulton Broad in Suffolk. Yes these boats do fly, this one has a tuned 1200cc Coventry Climax engine in it. (left)

Mr Archie Peace the man behind the design and building of the Albatross

Is this a new Albatross?