A section on Almarine Seafires & Meteors.

The board is very much under construction, so please stick with me, it will develop soon.

Lets start with the transom. Boats of age often have transom issues and the Seafire I had was no exception. Look at the rot inside, which seeped over the years through the drain hole up through the ply.

The following video is an example of how to replace the transom in the Seafire. You will find a ‘chunk’ of steel embedded, so that the outboards could be bolted onto the transom, but they were not coated and caused rot on top of the ingress of water. There are other methods of re-fitting a stern as well.

Replacing stern on a Seafire

This is going to make Seafire lovers cry, a Seafire cut in half. The foam in the bow and under the seat soaks up water and makes the boat heavy, not buoyant. Somehow remove it and replace with modern foam. It also smells and I am told it may be carcinogenic?