This section is to try and identify the differences between the Mitcham Marine Spitfire and the Apollo Speedboats. See the first two pictures below; both boats are 9 feet long. The only real difference between the two at first launch is that the Apollo has a 40 degree V and the Spitfire has a 55 degree V.

The boats were both built at about the same time, but ‘I think’ the Mitcham was slightly earlier than the Apollo. Also ‘I think’ the Apollo was named after the Apollo 11 Moon landing on the 20th July 1969?

Both looked similar and both offered an outboard or water-jet version. The engine of the water-jet boats was a Rotax also and the jet for both was a UA?

I have data about the Apollo now and below you can see how similar they are. The person who donated the data below purchased it from new. It was purchased from Aqua Sport in Croydon in 1973 with a Johnson 25hp . After some great use, several outboards later and a crossing of the the English Chanel in the Apollo he still has the same boat.

These boats were never toys or childrens boats as I have heard people say, but full blown ‘micro’ speedboats. The hull design on both is a deep ‘V’ with spray strakes, which is now common on fast speedboats. Also both had the option of a water-jet unit and yes they were used on the Skegness children’s pond at the fairground.

The few water-jet powered boats were the original Dowty, Bluebird Jetstar, Simms Super V, Glastron and Sea Ray. Ironically the man who designed the UA modern mini water jet worked for Hamilton water jets before designing the UA jet. At the same time in the USA were Castoldi and others, but it is thought that the American Hanely water jet was the first ever, do you know better?

I think both the boats in this analogy were made in or around the London area, because they used Princess to demo the Apollo, which of course was Princess Margaret’s club where she water-skied and Little Venice in London for the Seafires.

Three popular boats of the 1970’s – Fletcher – Almarine Seafire – Apollo and a family having fun