Charity Art Work

These beautifully drawn pencil art works are available to buy from a friend of mine. He is not an artist by trade, but a Pharmacist. His passion for saving wildlife is tremendous so if you want one of these stunning pictures please contact him as below:

Message from the Artist:

My ‘Africa@Waterhole’ series of sketching African Wildlife started at a late night campfire in Amboseli National Park, Kenya, whilst listening to Dr Joyce Poole telling a story of a Mother Elephant having lost a baby and her breaking prime directive.

The charity are saving Elephants from indiscriminate poaching and saving orphans to rehabilitate them back into the wild. These sketches would bring much needed help to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, who rear the orphan baby Elephants.

I was born in Tanzania, and am passionate about East African Wildlife.  All donations from the drawings go to the charity.

Subhash can be contacted on 07794514420

Link to the: