William Hamilton, the man who revolutionised boat propulsion with his ingenious water-jet drive unit. Living in New Zealand he was a farmer and found that propellers were simply no good in the fast running and shallow rivers in the country. Hamilton water jets are now used all over the world, including in the UK Cross Chanel Fast Cats and military vehicles. The British Stalwart was one of the first armed forces to use them.

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The first Hamilton Jet Boat, built by Sir William Hamilton around 1946, the jet unit is below. I think the trailer suspension above the boat is fantastic. The boat bounces in a cradle.

This was the very first water-jet built by William Hamilton. Who could have thought this would lead to the jets of today?

The modern commercial unit now. I think even Sir William Hamilton would be shocked. The original above was about 3/4 of a metre long. Spot the engineer in this picture?