History of Albatross

Amongst Britain’s amazing sports-boat the Albatross came into being only as part of a chance wartime meeting between Peter Hives (the son of Rolls-Royce Chairman Lord Hives), an engineer. In June 1944 Archie Peace who was a BSc in stress engineering, arrived at the same station and they became friends.

On leaving the forces at the end of World War Two, they decided to establish a boatbuilding concern near the small Norfolk town of St Olaves, near Great Yarmouth.  They started working on experimental light-metal hydroplanes the Corsair a 12 foot prop rider powered by an E 93 a that would do 40 MPH and Symphony a 15 foot hydro designed, powered by a Lea Frances formula 1 engine by Peace as was the Albatross.

In late 1949, Hives and Peace decided to set up Albatross Marine, making the two-seater aluminium craft which Peace had just designed using aircraft principles.

The key to construction of the Albatross sports-boat was the way in which Peace decided to rivet it together, in reverse, because tradition would not seal the boat.

 They even made a river cruiser in 1950, but it was not a success. Find out more on our friends site: Albatross Marine Ltd.