Mitcham & Almarine

Mitcham Marine was the company that developed into Almarine after amalgamating with Alma of Diss in 1969. John Neate was working with his father in Mitcham, Surrey, England building rather nice kit cars in the 1960’s. Their premises are a Halfords car spares store now. He then turned his hand to building mini speed boats, with either an outboard or an inboard Rotax engine which had a UA water jet propulsion unit. In 1980 the company was sold to Classic Moulds of Diss, which have ceased trading.

Mr John Neate (pointing) the man who started Mitcham Marine, which developed into Almarine, with the Duke of Kent on the UA Jet stand. Andrew Usbourne was the man who invented the UA waterjet unit.

My brilliant Mitcham Marine Spitfire Jetboat after restoration.

These little boats were in fact quite state of the art due to their size and having the option of being powered by a small aircraft engine and mini water jet or outboard motor.

How to tell a Mitcham Marine from a Classic Moulds and an Almarine Boat the easy way.

  • Mitcham Marine: 9 feet long x 4 feet wide
  • Classic Moulds: 9 foot 6 inches long x 4 feet 4 inches wide
  • Almarine: 10 foot 6 inches long x 4 foot 6 inches wide

John Neate the designer and builder in one of his Mitcham Marine Spitfire Jet boats literally flying. It is the same model as mine above. There were no jet-skis then, but they could have been the inspiration for them.

Almarine Seafire playing and building the boats – 1970’s