Old Speed Boats


Restoration projects are becoming very difficult to achieve due to the lack of companies who have skilled engineers and or facilities. For instance, the manufacture of a boat windscreen in plastic is phenomenally expensive as there are few who make plastic screens now.

If anyone has information regards to specialists, I am quite happy to compile a list, simply join the forum and place it there.

Attached to this part of the web are few details of some projects that have been carried out or which are in the process of restoration. The Dowty, I have laid out the pictures so that you can see the sequence (more or less) of the restoration. It is not so neat, but more practical, so Click on the image and it will enlarge and the pictures can be used like a repair manual. I have a lot more work to do on it yet and the web, but it will improve.

More pictures will be placed on the site as they come in or when progress is made.

Click on the restoration tab and more will open up.